History of the Deaf Children's Society of BC

The Deaf Children's Society of BC (DCS) is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping deaf children and their families in British Columbia. It began as the Counselling and Home Training Program for Deaf Children and their Families, through the Children's Hospital Diagnostic Centre.  In 1979, the Counselling and Home Training Program, under the leadership of Clifton Carbin, initiated the first Summer Parent-Deaf Child Learning Vacation Experience (LVE), a week-long learning and sharing program for families with young deaf children. In 1981, the Counselling and Home Training Program became the Deaf Children's Society of BC, independent of, but still affiliated to, the BC Children's Hospital.

More information about DCS can be found in Clifton Carbin's book, Deaf Heritage in Canada: A Distinctive, Diverse and Enduring Culture [available in the DCS Library].

Currently the Deaf Children's Society of BC main office and preschool are located in Burnaby, BC. The preschool program is located at South Slope Elementary School.

old and new!

For many years the DCS logo was two cute little children waving "I Love You" handshapes in the air.  You will continue to see this logo from time to time, because it is an oldie and a goodie.  Our new website showcases the new logo, and this will be used on an official basis.

learning vacation experience (LVE)

The Learning Vacation Experience was a popular and successful week-long camp for families and their deaf and hard of hearing children (birth to age five).  LVE was the place to be in the summer: families came from all over the province to meet Deaf adults, learn sign language, participate in workshops and activities, and interact with other parents and families with deaf children.  Highly successful, participants in LVE camps still talk about how wonderful the experience was and how it helped them realize that having a deaf child was an invitation into a unique world.

If you were an LVE camper, stroll down memory lane in our photo gallery

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