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Miriam West, Diane Little, Justine Charrier

The Board of the Deaf Children’s Society of BC has several vacancies for volunteer Directors and is seeking dynamic individuals with specific skills and knowledge, and related work experience.  Ideal candidates are interested in developing their board experience and promoting the vision of our agency in an advisory role.  Those who have skills in any of the areas listed below are invited to submit their resume for consideration:

Business and Marketing – knowledge and experience in the field of business operations, public relations, and administration

Accounting – experience in financial statement analysis and bookkeeping

Human Resources – knowledge and experience in human resource management, hiring, training and unions

Social Services/Health/Education – background and experience in working with special needs populations and health/education related fields such as audiology, speech sciences, teaching, counseling

Fundraising/Community Development – knowledge and experience in grant writing, donor and funding research

 Interested individuals may submit a resume to the Executive Director:






Sign Language

Preschool Staff


Janice Springford, Executive Director

Janice's degrees are in Education and School Psychology. She received her education
and training in both Canada and the United States.
Her training and professional placements include the Jericho Hill School, Oregon and Washington State Schools for the Deaf, BC School for the Deaf, and the Robarts School in London, Ontario.  Janice's experience in education spans twenty years and includes all grade levels from preschool to grade twelve.  Janice is the third Deaf Executive Director in the history of the Deaf Children's Society.

Karen Harvey, office manager

Karen will be retiring March 31, 2017. We thank her for her years of service and wish her well on her new adventures!

Valerie tiney, office manager

Valerie comes to DCS with many years of experience in office management, human resources and administration. She brings a keen eye for efficiency and a passion for trying new things. 


 Ingrid Schum, M.Sc., S-LP ( C )

Ingrid has been working at Deaf Children's Society as a Speech-Language Pathologist since1999. She completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Linguistics at the University of Victoria and a Masters of Science in Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Ingrid has been learning American Sign Language since High School, when she began babysitting for a family with a child who was Deaf. Ingrid has travelled to conferences and workshops across North America while working at DCS to continue her education and learn new skills and information.

Sign Language

Beverley Charlton

Bev began as a sign language instructor on Vancouver Island fifteen years ago.  She has taught at Malaspina University College; for the Ministry of Children and Family Development; and for a variety of community service groups. Bev is also fluent in LSQ (the sign language used by Quebec residents).


 Teresa Matthies-Parent, ECE

Teresa lends her considerable personal experience with deafness to the preschool environment: both her daughter and her husband are Deaf. She also has a young son who was just recently a preschooler himself. Teresa co-leads the Summer Playgroup.

magdalena szelezin, ece

Maggie, Deaf of Deaf parents, obtained her ECE training at Douglas College and has been with DCS since 2009. Maggie co-leads the Summer Playgroup, held in July each

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