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Speech and Language Services are offered in the family's home, through the DCS preschool program, or at a community daycare or preschool. Home therapy sessions are available to children from birth to school entry age.  Sessions with the speech-language pathologist are approximately one hour long, and are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the child's needs.

home visits

The DCS Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are experts at helping families maximize communication opportunities in the home.  Through discussions with the family, the SLPs will design and implement language lessons for the unique needs of the individual child and family.  Through the week, these lessons, which are flexible and applicable to day-to-day situations and settings, can be reviewed and practiced. The SLP will provide communication tools, support and reinforcement that is mindful of the rapid and ever-changing needs of the growing child, and the family.

audiology support

If requested by the family, the SLPs will attend audiology appointments with the family.  When a cochlear implant is being considered for a child, the SLPs can accompany the family to the preliminary meetings with the cochlear implant team, and help with explanations and provide support. SLPs can and will attend mapping sessions post-implantation, and continue to monitor speech and language progress.


community support

If the family places the child in a community daycare or preschool, the SLPs can provide speech-language support to the child in this setting.  As well, the SLPs are happy to consult with the school staff to ensure that optimal conditions exist for the child for speech and language learning.

Our SLPs also provide Outreach speech-language support and consultation for families living outside the lower mainland.  

dcs preschool

The SLPs are a regular fixture at the DCS preschool, providing one-to-one and group therapy to the students.  As well, they collaborate with the preschool teacher on curriculum development to ensure that speech and language goals are addressed all year. 

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