what's in a name?

We may be called the "Deaf" Children's Society, but don't be fooled: we work with children with all ranges of hearing.

for whom does dcs provide services?

DCS provides services and programs to families and caregivers of children who are deaf and hard of hearing, from birth to school entry age. Preschool enrolment is for children who are 30 months to 5 years of age.

We also provide preschool programs for siblings of signing deaf children, and hearing children of deaf adults (CODAs). 

what services or programs do you provide?

Details about our programs and services can be found here.

where do you provide services?

All over the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Our Outreach program is available to those living in other areas of British Columbia.

how old does my child have to be to receive services?

Services are provided from birth to age five (or school entry, whichever is first).

is dcs connected to the early hearing program?

Yes.  We are one of three agencies in the lower mainland that parents can choose from when considering an early intervention program for their deaf or hard of hearing newborn, infant, toddler or preschooler.

does dcs charge a fee for services?

Most of our programs are funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  There is, however, a cost associated with enrolling your child in our preschool.

who would be providing services to our family?

Use this link to read about our staff.

if we sign up with dcs, do we have to learn sign language?

At the Deaf Children's Society, service provision is based on what the family needs and wants for their child, and what is successful for the family unit.  We must monitor your child's language development and ensure that language is being acquired and is at age level.  Sign language is the most effective way to ensure that your deaf or hard of hearing child acquires language. 

DCS is sensitive to the communication needs of all staff, members of DCS, and the community.  When you join DCS and participate in our events and programs, you are likely to see many deaf children, adults and interpreters signing.

if my child is exposed to sign language, will this harm her speech development?

Sign language does not interfere with the acquisition of speech. Speech is only a conduit for communication; it is not language.  Helping a child develop early language and communication skills is the most important goal.  Language can be acquired through auditory and visual channels. Exposing any child to sign language is never detrimental. 

do all the dcs staff use sign language?


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